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"A Conservative summer of job cuts" - Judith tells Parliament

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Yesterday in Parliament, Judith challenged the Government on their failing plan to grow the economy.

Questioning the Work and Pensions Minister, Judith highlighted the hundreds of jobs that have been lost in her Bradford South constituency:

“In my constituency of Bradford South, we’ve seen a summer of job cuts with Morrisons and Solenis both announcing major redundancies.”

“Does the Minister agree with me that this shows that the Government’s plan to ‘grow the economy’ is failing?”

The Office of National Statistics has recently published findings suggesting a rise in unemployment across Bradford over the past year. Unsustainable energy prices and the rising cost of production have forced several major employers to scale back or close their operations in Bradford South, at the cost of hundreds of jobs in the city.

In July, Bradford-based Morrisons announced plans to close its Cutler Heights fruit-packing plant, putting some 450 jobs at risk. Just weeks later, chemical firm Solenis announced 72 positions could be axed at their Low Moor plant as part of cost-saving measures.

Responding, Minister for Employment Guy Opperman MP said:

“Clearly, our Job Centres are doing a fantastic job and I am fully in support of all the work that is going on in Bradford to try and address these issues.”

Speaking afterwards, Judith said the government had failed to learn any lessons:

“It should be obvious to anyone that people can only be supported into work if those jobs still exist. I have warned of job losses and demanded action from the Government time and time again.”

“Yet, the concerns from businesses and workers that I first raised over a year ago were dismissed as an ‘extreme’ case. Instead of action, the Government continues to bury its head in the sand. This Government complacency has cost people their jobs. Now it is families in Bradford South who are paying the price; and people are rightly worried if it is their job next.”


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