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Anger at plans to close tunnel by stealth

Judith has made an urgent plea to the Minister for Transport to intervene and stop an attempt to kill-off the Queensbury Tunnel project by stealth.

Planned works by the tunnel’s owner Highways England to partially infill the tunnel would result in most of the tunnel below Queensbury collapsing and wreck efforts to create a unique cycle and walking route.

Judith said: “I am outraged that Highways England is moving prematurely to seal the tunnel’s fate by partially infilling it before its potential long-term value can be properly assessed.”

“I have written to Minister for Transport, Jesse Norman MP, urging him to suspend the planned Phase 2 works to allow more time for proposals to be developed and funding secured.”

Queensbury Tunnel Society (QTS) together with Great Northern Railway Trail are exploring how the development of Queensbury Tunnel would help create one of the best cycling and walking trails in Britain. A recent report submitted to Bradford Council’s Executive highlighted the economic potential of developing the tunnel.

“A transformed Queensbury Tunnel would be an asset for the whole district bringing health, environmental and economic benefits. Any attempt to close off that possibility by stealth must not be allowed to succeed,” said Judith.

The Phase 2 works to partially infill the tunnel will cost an estimated £3m. The Department for Transport has previously refused funding for further investigatory works into the tunnel’s sustainability.

Photo: The North Portal of Queensbury Tunnel (Credit: Four by Three)


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