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Editorial: Action needed on Dangerous Driving

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Judith standing in front of a police car
Judith works with West Yorkshire Police and other stakeholders to tackle dangerous driving

Danger driving continues to be a blight on Bradford roads.

All too often I hear from my constituents of the tragic consequences of dangerous driving. They tell me about their loved ones who have been seriously injured, or their lives cut tragically short.

Reckless and anti-social driving, and the illegal use of off-road vehicles on our streets and sometimes even our paths, matter both to me and my constituents in Bradford South. Hundreds of residents signed my petition on dangerous driving that I recently presented to Parliament – agreeing that urgent action is needed.

There is some excellent work being done by the Bradford and West Yorkshire Police and their dedicated Operation Steerside enforcement team.

This includes a number of recent high profile vehicle seizures. Nevertheless, policing has been stripped threadbare of the investment it needs to tackle dangerous driving effectively. Police should be fighting crime, not fighting for funding.

Improving road safety for all vehicle users and pedestrians is an issue that I have campaigned on for as long as I have been a Member of Parliament.

I was delighted when, after years of fighting for much needed changes in the law, the law was changed to bring forward tougher sentences for those who cause death by dangerous driving.

Last year I brought a bill to Parliament aimed at tackling the misuse and abuse of dangerous off-road vehicles.

This reflected my belief that the police need greater powers to seize and destroy problem quads.

The Government must ensure that local policing has the resources it needs to deal with this menace.

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