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Fire and Rehire: "The Time to Act is Now"

Speaking in Parliament, Judith has called on the government to take urgent action to make the practice of Fire and Rehire - where employers sack workers in order to re-employ them on worse terms - against the law.

Judith said "a recent survation poll found that 76% of those asked said that they think that Fire and Rehire should be against the law. The Prime Minister has said that Fire and Rehire is unacceptable.

"Minister, the time to act is now"

"With no mention in the Queen's speech, when will you legislate to make this practice illegal?"

In response, the minster replied: "We've always been clear that using the threats of Fire and Rehire is a tactic to put undue pressure on workers during negotiations. It's completely unacceptable. But we need to tread carefully when considering government intervention in commercial contractual matters between employers and employees and that's why we are now carefully considering, with the evidence, our next steps."


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