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Judith challenges government over cost of food

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Boxes of groceries
Inflation of the price of staple foods has caused families' bills to sky-rocket

Judith Cummins MP (Bradford South) has challenged the Government to lower costs of a family shop following news that basic ingredients like sugar had risen by nearly 50%.

Questioning the Government in Parliament, Judith asked:

‘Sugar prices have risen a massive 47% in the past year, and industry experts predict it will rise again this autumn due to the high energy costs of extracting and refining sugar.’

‘Will the Minister outline what steps the Government is undertaking to support the food and drinks sector throughout this period of extreme inflationary pressure, so that these costs are not yet again passed on to consumers?’

Responding, the Minister acknowledged the pressures the industry was facing:

‘We are very keen to help and support with new technology, with investment in genetic technologies to improve sugar beet yields, and we will continue to have those conversations.’

‘We are very much aware of the pressures on global sugar prices which is why we need a thriving and productive sugar market here in the UK.’

Speaking afterwards, Judith said:

‘We are in a period of high inflation, and the Government must act now to address this, so my constituents don’t have to struggle to feed their families.’


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