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Judith Cummins MP launches Food Pantry to support local families

Bradford South MP Judith Cummins visited The Sutton Centre in BD4 to launch their new Food Pantry which provides essential food and hygiene products to local families.

Open every Wednesday, the pantry asks for a donation of just £3 to fill a bag with a range of tinned goods, cereals and even fresh fruit, vegetables and bread.

Sam Kirkby of The Sutton Centre said: “The pantry aims to take a bit of pressure off families by offering a great selection of essentials. Much of the produce is generously donated by Inn churches and supported by Clarion Futures, and the small contribution we ask for means we are often able to keep the pantry topped up with fresh ingredients like fruit, veg and milk and eggs, so that families can make healthy, wholesome meals together.

“We’ve also found that for many people, visiting the pantry and speaking to our staff and volunteers can be some of their only social interaction, so it’s also an opportunity to have chat and improve wellbeing. We’ve also been able to introduce users to some of our other local projects, such as employment support – so it’s very holistic.”

Judith Cummins MP said: “The Food Pantry is just one of the many ways the team at The Sutton Centre have been supporting the community over the pandemic and is much needed during such difficult times. The team’s work to support the community over the past year has been inspirational.”

The Sutton Centre’s Food Pantry is open every Wednesday 09:30am-2:00pm. For more details, please phone The Sutton Centre on 01274 668881.


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