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Judith invites Shadow Chancellor to visit Bradford's Solenis

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Judith and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves have heard of astronimical rise in energy costs for Bradford's biggest energy-intensive firm.

Rachel was invited by Judith to visit chemical company Solenis in Low Moor, Wyke, last week.

Hearing that Solenis' energy bills had rocketted five-fold, Rachel said:

"Their energy bill here has gone up from £7m to £35m in two years, because there’s no price cap for businesses. Other countries are standing behind their energy-intensive industries, like this one."

"The Government has announced nothing for businesses, whether that’s smaller high-street businesses that are struggling or indeed with big businesses like this who have global competitors who haven’t experienced the same sort of increase in their energy bills."

"If businesses aren’t getting the support, that means less money for investment, it means less money for working people."

Touring the site, Judith added:

"We’re not competing in the UK on a level playing field at all and Government isn’t helping our businesses out. I’m worried that, as a consequence, jobs may suffer.

David Calder, Solenis' site manager said:

"It's always good to show people what's going on in Bradford. It's good to explain to politicans the challenges we face and how Government could help."


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