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Judith slams government for cuts to police funding

Bradford South Labour MP, Judith Cummins, has slammed the government for cuts to police funding in a parliamentary debate on the 2019/20 Police Grant.

“The thin blue line is getting thinner,” she told Parliament, and, “On top of cuts to police funding, our police face extra demands on their resources because of cuts to other services. Her Majesty’s inspector of constabulary has stated that the police are distracted from dealing with crime because they are too busy dealing with the tens of thousands of cases resulting from a mental health service in crisis.”

Speaking afterwards she repeated her call for central government to stop passing the buck to local ratepayers and take responsibility for funding our police properly.

“Tory plans to allow a doubling of the police precept is perverse and fundamentally unfair. It will mean hard-pressed council tax payers will bear the burden for Government’s cuts to police funding, and places like Bradford with a low council tax base will be hit hardest,” said Judith.

“Surrey, with half the population and a quarter of the violent crime of West Yorkshire will be able to raise almost exactly the same amount from this funding method. There should be no winners and losers when it comes to public safety.

“Over the last 8 years Government funding cuts have taken almost £114M., and 744 police officers from West Yorkshire Police. Increasing the precept for local council taxpayers is unfair and doesn’t come close to making-up for what has been cut. It must stop! The police should be fighting crime not fighting for funding.”


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