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Judith: "We need enforceable E-Scooter regulations - not an indefinite trial period"

Speaking in Parliament, Judith attacked the Government’s failure to introduce e-scooter regulations.

Judith is also supporting amendments to the law which make it a specific criminal offence to cause serious injury or death by dangerous, careless, or inconsiderate use of an e-scooter.

Currently, E-Scooters are unregulated under the law.

The Government set out plans in 2022 to introduce new regulations for E-Scooters, but they have since decided to postpone introducing legislation and to continue the current trial period until May 2026.

Speaking in Parliament, Judith said:“In 2022, there were nearly 1,500 casualties in collisions involving e-scooters, including – tragically - 12 deaths. Some private e-scooters are known to reach speeds of up to 48mph, posing a real danger to other road users and, of course, pedestrians.”

“The law must be updated to reflect reality. We need the law to cover e-scooters for everyone’s safety.”“This dither and delay is not acceptable. The government cannot standby, ignoring this issue.”

Speaking following the debate, Judith said:

“One of my constituents was knocked over on the path and had to go to A&E with a broken knee. This is not acceptable.

“The law clearly needs changing to regulate the use of e-scooters. They are not toys.

“The Government said that ‘safety’ was at the heart of their plan for introducing new E-Scooter regulations.”

“Having abandoned their plans for these regulations, the Government is failing in its duty to protect all road users and pedestrians who remain at risk.”

“The Government must take this issue seriously, and take immediate action to tackle the dangerous use of E-Scooters.”


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