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Morrisons Foundation Cash boost for Buttershaw Group

Judith was delighted to hear that local Bradford South charity Sandale Trust has received funding from Morrison's Foundation to support their community.

The funding will help the Sandale Community Development Trust, based in Buttershaw, to offer twice-weekly drop-in sessions at their community hub for residents who have been experiencing isolation, helping them to meet other people and offering the opportunity to gain new life skills and take part in volunteering roles.

Training courses will also be available on first aid and mental health awareness, providing users with skills that build confidence and will have a lasting impact long after the project.

Judith said:

“The team at Sandale Trust work at the heart of the community in Buttershaw and Woodside and offer a wide range of community activities that put people first.

"Through the pandemic, their efforts to provide free school meals, food parcels, and work with isolated members in our community has been a lifeline for many and has doubtless saved lives.

“Supported by this Morrisons Foundation grant, they are now leading the way locally in helping hard-hit families as we recover.

"I was delighted to endorse their application, which will see Sandale provide space, support and training to bring residents together and build resilience in the community.”

You can read the full story on the Telegraph & Argus website.


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