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Judith speaks to ITV News as evidence shows wider range of risks associated with energy drinks in children

Judith has been speaking to ITV about the harmful mental and physical health effects of high-caffeine products on young people.

Recently released research from the most comprehensive study of its kind has found that high consumption of energy drinks, which can have double the amount of caffeine as a strong cup of coffee, is associated with an increased risk of mental health issues among children and young people - including depression and anxiety.

Researchers say this highlights the need for regulatory action to restrict the sale and marketing of energy drinks to children and young people.

While some major retailers have voluntary banned under 16s from purchasing 'high caffeine' products, their sale to young people is not currently illegal. The only requirement is that products containing over 150mg caffeine be specifically labelled as high caffeine.

In some places, energy drinks can be bought for cheaper than water.

Catch Judith this evening on ITV National News.

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