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Slamming the Tory school cuts

During Education Question at Parliament, Judith has slammed the government’s latest spending announcement, labelling the decision to prioritise funding for schools in Southern England as “disgraceful.”

Judith demanded answers from the Tory minister as to why the plan “sees more money going to affluent schools in the South of England, while schools in Bradford South will continue to lose out.”

According to research by the Education Policy Institute (EPI), a pupil from a more affluent background is set to gain £116 extra a year from the new funding, more than double the £56 a pupil eligible for free school meals will receive. Nearly all of England’s grammar schools are set to significantly benefit from the announcement, gaining on average an additional £130,000. Judith Cummins MP, comments: “Schools in Bradford South have been struggling to cope with Tory school cuts for almost a decade now. The promised funding does nothing to reverse this. The decision is shameful and is typical of the Tories when it comes to Bradford and the rest of the North.

“Prioritising rich/wealthier schools in the South does nothing to address the imbalances of the country. Our schools here need fair funding so we can properly invest in the next generation, giving them the skills and knowledge to do well in life.”


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