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Statement on the situation in Kashmir

I am deeply concerned that the current situation could lead to an escalation of violence and instability in the region. Repeated ceasefire violations have left Kashmiris injured and forced to flee their homes for safety.

I have asked the Foreign Secretary what recent discussions he has had with his counterpart in India and Pakistan on the situation in Kashmir. He responded that “the British Government is in regular contact with both countries, urging dialogue and diplomatic solutions to ensure regional stability.”

I believe the British Government must take a more active role in securing a peaceful solution through meaningful dialogue between India and Pakistan. We must vocally condemn the grave human rights abuses still taking place, and commit to giving the Kashmiri people the right of self-determination.

I also asked what the Government is doing to support human rights in Kashmir. For too long, human rights violations in the region have gone unchallenged. Those who suffer deserve justice and the UK must play its part in ensuring that happens.


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