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Stop the Bradford NHS backdoor privatisation

Judith has intervened to stop the NHS in Bradford starting on the path towards privatisation. The NHS Trust is attempting to create a shell company which would become the new employer for 600 current NHS staff.

The shell company would start off being entirely owned by the NHS Trust, but it would allow for them to worsen the employment rights of these staff. It would also make it much easier to privatise the running of essential services that these staff are responsible for.

On 5th February, Judith wrote to the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock MP, demanding that the decision is reversed so that all aspects of the health service in Bradford remain under the NHS Trust.

Judith followed this up in March by writing directly to the CEO of NHS Improvement, who are responsible for approving the decision, to question why the process was not opened up to public scrutiny.

The proposal was led by the former chief executive of Bradford NHS Trust, Professor Clive Kay, who pushed through the deal before departing at the end of March 2019. Acting CEO John Holden is now responsible for the process.

Judith said: “Any attempts to dismantle our NHS should be prevented, whether on a national or local level. These NHS employees that would suddenly find themselves working for a different employer are an essential part of our health service, and they should be treated as such.

“If this decision is allowed to go ahead, it is the start of a very dangerous path towards privatisation. One that cannot be reversed. I urge John Holden and the Bradford NHS Trust to rethink their plans, as what they think is a quick fix will actually create long-term problems. A decision that will have a such a lasting impact should not be taken by an acting CEO.”


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