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The Government needs to intervene in Bradford NHS Trust plans to offload staff

Today at health questions in Parliament, Judith called on the Government to intervene to prevent Bradford NHS Trust taking workers out of the NHS.

Judith asked Stephen Hammond MP, Minister of State for Health and Social Care, “given that the Trust is currently run by a temporary chair, a temporary chief executive, and is acting on guidance from a now defunct body, will the Minister call upon the Trust to drop these plans and keep the NHS family as one?”

Stephen Hammond MP responded on behalf of the Government and refused to offer Government support, stating that “the local organisation takes that decision.”

Judith Cummins MP said: “The Government has completely washed their hands with this decision and is refusing to take any responsibility. We currently have a temporary chair and CEO of Bradford NHS Trust making these decisions on guidance from a body that no longer exists. At the very least Government should intervene to prevent such drastic action happening until a permanent team is in place.

“These dedicated staff are NHS workers that go above and beyond, so they should not be stripped of their NHS employment status.”

Last week, 97% of Unison members voters for strike action on the proposed changes.


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