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Welcome progress of law to protect police dogs

Judith has welcomed the progress of ‘Finn’s Law’ through the House of Commons today (08/02/19). The Animal Welfare (Service Animals) Bill will provide greater protection to service animals such as police dogs.

In October 2016 a police dog called Finn was stabbed in the head and chest while apprehending a suspect. His handler, PC David Wardell, suffered a stab wound to the hand. The perpetrator was charged with actual bodily harm against PC Wardell but only criminal damage for Finn's injuries.

After today’s vote Judith said: “Police dogs like Finn, and other service animals, are not property but brave and loyal public servants serving alongside their handlers.

“It’s absolutely right that the law should recognise this and give them the protection they undeniably deserve. I am really pleased to have met Finn and his handler, PC David Wardell, and that they were here to see this Bill pass its Third Reading in the House of Commons.”

The Bill will now be debated further in the House of Lords.


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