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Judith wants Bradford at the centre of the next Rugby League World Cup

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Judith Cummins MP has called on the government to use the power of sport as a ‘force for good’ to bring investment into Bradford.

Speaking in a debate on the contribution of the Rugby League world cup to culture and sport in the UK, Judith highlighted how sport is at the heart of local communities in her Bradford South constituency:

“Week in, week out, local communities come together to support their clubs, their local kids’ teams and young players.”

“However, levels of investment and opportunities haven’t always matched the pride we feel in our towns and cities, but it’s moments like the world cup that will give communities the opportunities to stand tall and showcase where they live to the world.”

“A compelling levelling-up bid has been submitted to government for a world-class stadium and training complex for elite sports with a Rugby League Skills, Training and Education centre in Odsal to serve the people of Yorkshire and the North. I can’t wait to host the world cup again in a decade’s time and be standing in our very own Odsal stadium in Bradford cheering England on!”

Responding to Judith’s invitation to visit Odsal, Sports Minister Stuart Andrew MP said: “If I’m still in post by the end of the week I’ll still come but, if not, I’ll leave a note to my successor that their first trip needs to be to Bradford!”

The 2022 Cup’s world-leading social impact programme has invested more than £26 million in equipment and facilities, volunteering, mental health, culture and education, to transform clubs into hubs for their communities. And, for the first time, the men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments will be held concurrently.

A study from the Sheffield Hallam University shows that investment in sport and physical activity gives back four times the investment in social value, equivalent to around £72 billion each year across the UK, improving people’s health and wellbeing, creating jobs and stimulating local economic growth.

Judith is fighting for Bradford to have its share:

“When the competition is over and the winning teams raise their trophies, it is only the start of the story for communities, not the end. With the Rugby League world cup in full swing, Bradford’s year as capital of culture in 2025, and Bradford’s bid for a world-class stadium and sports complex that will bring over a billion pounds of benefits to Bradford, now is the time to ensure that people of Bradford benefit from this legacy.”


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