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Judith and fellow MPs call on Bradford public to maintain coronavirus precautions

MPs have called on the public to continue to take precautions to stop a possible U-turn on the easing of lockdown this week.

The district is on a watchlist of areas of England where strict lockdown may have to be re-imposed because of rising coronavirus cases like it was in Leicester this week.

Judith said: "Reports that Bradford has a higher than average number of infections are extremely concerning. I am in contact with Public Health England and I am urging the Government to outline the steps being taken to reduce the infection rate in Bradford.

"The Government must publish all the relevant data - including Pillar 2 testing figures – as soon as possible so that public bodies can plan and to provide clarity for the public and businesses. The Government's approach, including Matt Hancock's muddled media statements accidentally naming Keighley, has not been good enough and has left many people worried and confused.

"I am also concerned by the lack of information from the Government about how local lockdowns will work and what support will be provided to local people. For instance, areas designated as local lockdown hotspots would need financial support for people unable to work during any local lockdown. I am hoping to raise these issues in Parliament later today and expect answers from the Government.

"I urge everyone in Bradford to continue to follow the critically important public health advice. Covid-19 has not gone away."

Read the full story on the Telegraph and Argus website here


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