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Judith challenges government on removal of BTEC funding

Judith is disappointed that the Government won’t do more to help people wanting to return to study.

In parliament Judith asked:

"Where learners over the age of 19 are returning to study, the removal of BTEC funding will mean that only those following an academic pathway will have the option to return to study or to skilled employment. How is removing learners’ options to progress to level 3 qualifications and to higher education or employment compatible with the lifetime skills guarantee offer? Can that be right?"

In response, the minister said:

"To be clear, the level 3 offer will also include T-levels; we are also considering access to those to a broader group. The lifetime skills guarantee is a level 3 offer specifically focused on adults that was introduced in April this year in more than 400 courses, all of which address a skills shortage. We are trying to make sure that when people put their time, and sometimes their own money, into study, it offers value to them and to the workplace. That is what is behind our level 3 qualifications review."

The government must do better than "consider" the future for those who don't want to take an academic route back into higher education or skilled employment.


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