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Judith champions oracy skills at Trinity Academy

Judith speaks to a packed hall to Trinity Academy students

Last week, Judith spoke to a packed hall of Year 7 and 8 students at Trinity Academy, Queensbury.

As part of their 'Trinity Talks' project, which sees students learn about a wide range of important communication skills from interviews to poetry, students invited Judith to speak about her work as Member of Parliament and the importance of debating skills in Westminster.

Judith told the assembly of over 400 students about some of the important skills she uses everyday, including having a strong knowledge of the issue, taking in a wide range of views, examining arguments critically, and actively listening to opposing views:

"People often think that debating is about disagreeing and winning the argument. It is not, it is about understanding different perspectives, considering those opposing viewpoints, and understanding why someone might have that point of view. By doing that, you can work together to find the common ground between the person you disagree with."

Wrapping up, Judith encouraged students to take part in healthy debate and active listening:

"So, keep debating, keep learning and keep building your speaking skills with Trinity Talks. Bradford South needs more informed, thoughtful and respectful voices like yours!"

Judith looks forward to welcoming students from Trinity Academy to Parliament in the near future!

Judith meets with students after her talk at Trinity Academy


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