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Judith continues to push for government action on quads menace

Judith has again called for action to deal with anti-social quad use on our streets. Yesterday in Parliament, Judith called for a debate on government time to give the police the powers they need to seize and destroy nuisance quads.

Speaking to the Leader of the House of Commons Mark Spencer MP, Judith said: “As this house will be aware, there is a growing menace of illegal and unlicensed quad bikes on our streets, and my recent ten-minute rule bill made provision for the police to seize and destroy these vehicles, for a registration scheme, make wearing of public helmets on public land compulsory, and also compel manufacturers of quad bikes to fit immobilisers to prevent theft. So, would the leader of the house agree with me that this problem needs to be tackled, and can we have a debate on government time on this issue?

In response, Mark Spencer MP agreed that these vehicles can be a huge menace to communities, saying “They race up and down pathways and through gitties, they injure pedestrians and are a huge source of anti-social behaviour.”

Mr Spencer continued: “I urge the honourable lady to raise the matter with the Home Secretary … to ensure that the police have the full powers they need to continue to clamp down on anti-social behaviour”

This call comes after Judith’s recent ten-minute rule bill calling for more powers to help police deal with the problem.

Speaking afterwards, Judith said: “I am continuing to push the government to tackle the menace of unlicensed quads on our streets”


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