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Judith presses Secretary of State for position on NATO ‘Fighter Jet Coalition’

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Judith Cummins MP has called on the Government to work with NATO allies to ensure a long-term strategy is in place to support Ukraine in its fight against Putin’s illegal invasion.

Speaking in Parliament, Judith recalled her experiences in Ukraine, where she joined a humanitarian mission, and visited the newly-liberated Kharkiv region with a Ukrainian volunteer unit:

“During my visit, Ukrainian officials were very clear about their need for increased military support.”

Following the German Chancellor’s statement on Sunday rejecting the idea of sending German fighter jets to Ukraine, Judith pressed the Secretary of State for the UK’s position:

“With the US reportedly discussing the creation of a ‘fighter jet coalition’ with Ukraine, and the German Chancellor currently ruling out sending German fighter jets to Ukraine, what assessment has the Government made regarding such a coalition with our NATO allies?”

Responding, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace MP did not rule out such a coalition, saying: “we will keep our minds open all the time on what it is possible to do next”.

Cross-party support has meant that the United Kingdom has led the way in its material and diplomatic support of Ukraine. Most recently, the UK announced it would send fourteen Challenger 2 main battle tanks and other resources to Ukraine. This was followed by similar pledges from the United States, Germany and other NATO countries. However, this represents only fraction of support that President Zelenskyy has said Ukraine needs in the form of tanks, aircraft and weapons to continue to defend itself against Russian aggression.

Speaking afterwards, Judith said:

“I have seen the resolve of the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s atrocities. The UK must continue to provide the necessary military support to enable Ukraine to face off Russian aggression.

The United Kingdom and its NATO allies must develop a long-term, strategic plan to ensure it is able to provide sustained military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine throughout 2023 and beyond.

This is not only necessary to protect the people of Ukraine; this conflict is having huge impact right here in the UK, as soaring gas and energy prices continue to worsen the cost-of-living crisis.

The United Kingdom must continue to play its part”


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