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Judith: "Ukraine cannot be left waiting for much needed supplies."

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Tribute to Ukraine at Bradford Cathedral earlier this year

We must ensure that the promised and much-needed military, economic and humanitarian supplies get to Ukraine promptly.

Following this week’s visit by President Zelensky, the UK government pledged further support through drones and military hardware.

Ukraine’s ability to defend its territorial integrity against Russian expansionism impacts all of us.

However, just this week the government has faced criticisms about the ‘mismatch’ between Ukraine’s need to get on with the job and the time it is taken the UK and allies to give Ukraine the support it needs to launch its counter-offensive.

I asked the Secretary of Defence directly to ensure that the UK government continues to assess the pace of delivery of these vital supplies.

Responding, Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace argued: ‘Some countries, as President Zelensky has said, have made pledges, but part of the delays is in getting the equipment ready to donate.’

‘Our 12 Challengers are already in the country. We will make sure we keep monitoring it and pushing it as fast as possible’.

I will continue to push the government to act quickly in supplying Ukraine with the equipment it needs. Ukraine cannot be left waiting for supplies as it seeks to defend its own territorial integrity.


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