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Judith Cummins MP writes to Foreign Office to urge action on Britons stranded overseas

Bradford South MP, Judith Cummins, along with 56 other MPs, has written to the Foreign Secretary to raise serious concerns about the treatment of British residents stranded overseas and to call for urgent action to bring them home.

After being contacted by many stranded constituents, Judith Cummins MP has joined with fellow MPs to push the government to help those abroad.

In the letter, they note the unacceptable response from the Foreign Office so far, which has left many vulnerable residents stuck without access to medicines and other essentials. The Foreign Office’s reliance on expensive commercial flights means it is simply impossible for many to return home.

Judith Cummins MP is therefore calling on the UK Government to make use of the logistical and transport capabilities of the Royal Air Force to bring people back to the UK. They must charter flights where necessary, providing an affordable way for people to return.

Judith Cummins MP said, “Many of my constituents have been left stranded by the UK government, who have not acted quickly or decisively to bring people home. This includes vulnerable people who urgently need access to medicines. I am calling on the Government to do everything necessary, including chartering flights, to bring them home.”


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