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Judith invites Chancellor to meet to take forward £50m Bradford South regeneration bid

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Judith is backing the £50m bid to level up the Odsal area

Yesterday in Parliament, Judith asked to meet with the Treasury Minister and the Chancellor to discuss the regeneration bid for Bradford South.

Speaking in Parliament at Treasury Questions, Judith Cummins MP asked Treasury Minister Felicity Buchan MP what measures the Government was taking to deliver on the Levelling Up Agenda in full.

Questioning the Minister, Judith asked:

"Building on the back of Bradford’s City of Culture win, and in this momentous year for Rugby League, I am supporting the plan for the transformation and regeneration of the home of the Bradford Bulls, the iconic Odsal Stadium, to become a world-class sports, music and culture arena."

"This plan would be an incubator for the ambitions of the entire Bradford district, delivering over a billion pounds worth of socio-economic benefits. Following the Bank of England’s repeated interventions, can the minister confirm the Levelling Up Fund Round 2 will still be going ahead in full, and will the Minister and the Chancellor demonstrate this by meeting with me, Bradford Council, the Bradford Bulls and the RFL to discuss our catalyst for growth?"

Responding, the Treasury Minister confirmed:

"We will be going ahead with second round of the levelling up fund in full, and there should be decisions by the end of the year. I wish her well in her bid and there is an independent assessment going on with the bids at the moment, if it is possible to meet then we would do that."

Judith has supported the £50million bid to regenerate the Odsal area of Bradford South delivering a world-class music, culture, and sport arena, a park and ride car park, and a sports training complex, with pitches for local groups to use, generating almost five hundred full time jobs, and creating long-term opportunities in the constituency.

Speaking afterwards, Judith said: "This is a once in a generation opportunity to deliver on Levelling Up for the people of Bradford South. Our ambitious £50 million bid would deliver investment directly into the area, giving my constituents better local services, more job opportunities and access to a world-class sport and music venue."

"Independent analysis repeatedly identifies Bradford as the strongest economic candidate for levelling up. We’ve heard a lot from the government over the last few years and seen little delivery. I look forward to meeting with the Treasury to discuss our bid further and to push for the investment in Bradford South that we need and deserve.”


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