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NHS Dentistry cannot be a forgotten Cinderella service

Speaking to the Telegraph and Argus, Judith has said there is a not a week goes by where she doesn't have someone contacting her about the lack of dentists.

Judith said: "In February, I led a debate in parliament calling for immediate action from the government and warning that if they did not act urgently NHS dentistry would face collapse. The situation is now so dire that charities are having to step in to provide dental care to school children.

"In Bradford, almost a thousand children under the age of 10 had to be admitted to hospital to have decayed teeth removed under a general anaesthetic last year. That is thousands of children who are in pain while they await surgery because they cannot access preventative dental care.

"I have been clear that this isn’t a problem caused by the pandemic. Even before restrictions, there was only enough NHS dentistry for around half the adult population in England to see a dentist every two years. NHS dentistry was buckling before COVID but now it is in crisis.

"The simple fact is that we need a new deal on dentistry that makes it a fully-funded, equal member of the NHS family – not as a forgotten Cinderella service. The government must act and it must act now."

You can read the full article in the Telegraph and Argus here:


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