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Petitioning Parliament for more school funding

Before Parliament was prorogued for the longest time in decades, Judith presented petitions on behalf of Hollingwood Primary School and St John’s CE Primary School, calling on the funding cuts they have received to be reversed.

The two petitions were signed by hundreds of teachers, parents, carers and pupils from the local community.

Both Hollingwood and St John’s have seen a reduction in funding of almost £250,000, meaning a decline in funding per pupil of £297 and £306, respectively.

Judith Cummins MP, comments: "The Tories may be talking the talk on school funding, but our schools have faced nine years of bruising cuts that can’t be reversed by a pre-election gimmick. It is our children that are suffering the consequences of these cuts.

“I know that the hardworking teachers at St John’s and Hollingwood simply want to provide a well-rounded education to their pupils. It’s about time the government gave them the resources to do it.”

In May, Judith also presented a petition on behalf of all the staff of Russell Hall Primary School.

Judith continues: “The schools I visit provide an outstanding education to their pupils, but they do so in increasingly difficult circumstances. I will keep presenting these petitions until the government provides fair funding for our schools.”


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