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Time for Bradford NHS Trust to drop controversial plans

In a letter to Dr Max Mclean, chair of Bradford NHS Trust, Judith has called on him to drop the controversial plans to remove NHS worker status from hundreds of employees.

In the letter, Judith backs all the workers to remain as NHS employees as they “are an essential part of our health service,” and that they are “rightly concerned that they will face a weakening of their terms and conditions in the future,” if the plans go ahead.

Judith Cummins MP comments: “This saga has gone on for too long. The Trust needs to get back around the table and listen to the concerns of the workers and their trade union representatives. These workers play an integral role in our health service and they should keep their NHS worker status.”

Judith has previously written to the Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock MP, calling on the Government to intervene to prevent the proposals going ahead.

At a meeting on the 24th June, Judith and John Grogan MP met with the Trust to discuss the plans, but incorrect figures were provided to the two Bradford District MPs about the proposed savings.

Judith continues: “Given the inaccuracies of information provided and the confusion about where the savings are set to come from, it is only right that these plans are immediately paused. Such a huge and irreversible decision needs to be opened up to proper public scrutiny. This is a slippery slope to go down and I will not allow the Trust to bring in plans that makes it easier for our NHS to be privatised.”


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