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What are your views on Syria?

The House of Commons will soon vote on extending military action in Syria, and I want to know what the people of Bradford South think about it.

Voting on whether to send servicemen or women into action is one of the most important decisions that an MP can take, and I would never take that decision lightly.

It’s my job as an MP to listen to the case the Prime Minister makes, weigh up all the evidence and then make a decision.  There are strong views on both sides of this argument, so I know I have to explain how I vote and be accountable for it.

Any kind of military action can have serious consequences, but there can be consequences when we fail to take action too, both here and abroad.

Lots of people have asked me where they can find out more about this issue. You can watch the Prime Minister set out his proposals and take questions from other MPs here.  You can also read a report on this issue by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee here, read the Prime Minister's full response to the report here and read the resolution on Syria recently passed by the UN here.

This will be the most important decision that Parliament makes this year. I want to make sure that I hear directly from you as I study the evidence and come to my decision.

There are bound to be strong views on both sides so it will be impossible to please everyone, but I hope you will agree that I will take my responsibilities to listen to you and consider all the points people make very seriously.


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