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Woodside Academy hosts Google internet safety training

On Friday 21st June, Judith welcomed Google to Woodside Academy to help teach children about internet safety.

The training focused on avoiding hackers, fraud and bullies, allowing the children to practice their skills learnt in practical exercises.

It was all part of the Be Internet Legends initiative, which is an educational programme aimed at 7 - 11-year-olds to help them be safe, confident explorers of the online world – through online platforms, teaching resources, face-to-face workshops and assemblies, and free training resources to over 19,000 UK teachers.

Judith Cummins, MP for Bradford South, said: “It was fantastic to be at Woodside Academy to see the pupils receiving training on how to remain safe online. The online world now plays a huge part in our children’s lives, so it is only right that they are given the information they need to stay safe online.

“We are delighted to visit Woodside Academy today to help teach children about how to Be Internet Legends. By getting acquainted with what we believe are the five core areas of online safety, we want to prepare children to have a safe and positive experience online,” said Rosie Luff, Public Policy Manager at Google UK.

“It is essential that children learn to think carefully and critically about what they do and see online. Parent Zone has teamed with Google to teach younger children the essential tools they need to become safe and confident online explorers, helping them be resilient, kind and positive in this digital age”, said Vicki Shotbolt, founder and CEO of Parent Zone.

In 2017, Google conducted research with more than 200 teachers to learn about their experience with online safety in the classroom. We found that teachers believe children should start learning about online safety as early as the age of seven and that 99% felt that this should be a part of the curriculum. To help teachers educate their pupils about staying safe online, we launched Be Internet Legends in partnership with family internet safety experts Parent Zone, and it is accredited by the PSHE Association.

The Be Internet Legends programme has reached over a million children across the UK. It consists of five key pillars, which children in Bradford were taught today, to help them learn the essentials of how to stay safe online:

1. Be “internet sharp” – think before you share

2. Be “internet alert” – check it’s for real

3. Be “internet secure” – protect your stuff

4. Be “internet kind” – respect each other

5. Be “internet brave” – when in doubt, discuss


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